The Alpha

Over the years, I’ve marched and stumbled my way through a career in music.  Nothing spectacular, but enough to keep a roof over my head, food in the fridge, and then some.  There’s been some highs and of course, my fair share of lows, but it’s always felt like something I should be doing.  Almost like it chose me. I began my career shortly after high school at a Vancouver production company where we used to roll around in an old grey milk truck full of gear doing high school dances and grad parties.  Soon we were setting up some of the biggest rave parties this part of Canada had ever seen.  So much crazy, stupid stuff happened that I can’t even begin to get into it right now.  There are crates and crates of outrageous tales to be dispensed, that I will sprinkle like pixie dust throughout my future posts. For now, let’s just say, It was a crazy time and was the fuel for my passion for music.  During my teens and early twenties, I probably spent more on music than I did beer.  If you really know me, that’s a staggering statistic .

Trying to figure out how to channel this passion, I found myself being drawn to world of DJing.  By this time, I had amassed a large arsenal of music.  Stacks of records, CDs and even cassettes were constantly growing.  Any party I went to, it was only a matter of time until I somehow got control of the music.  I actually got pushed into my first gig by a friend.  Come to think of it.  All three of my first pivotal gigs were through the prodding of friends.  At the time, I didn’t know where to start.  I didn’t have any gear, and because I didn’t have gear to practice on, I didn’t have the confidence.  The night before my first gig I borrowed a bunch of music from a buddy, who had a dope collection.  I had lots of music, but I needed some of that heat he had.  He had his shit together better than me at the time.  He held down a decent part-time job that allowed him to fuel his passion for music through repeated trips to HMV.  Back then you could pay an easy 25 bucks for an import CD, so my collection was not that vast.  I remember sitting down the night before for hours listening to albums, picking tracks and estimating the beats per minutes and making notes.  Then I made stacks that were in similar tempo ranges.  It was hilarious, but the only thing I could think of at the time to prepare.

The first night went pretty well, but the night didn’t last very long.   Promoting a weekly club night is more work (and luck) than most people realize.  Especially when you have no idea what the fuck you are doing.   It was in a spot in my home town that was a conveyor belt for nightclubs of different names through the years.  Some crazy and rough times were had during that period.  Buck-a Beer and Buck-a-Fight Thursdays were always a scream.  Soon after the scene got weird (we’ll get more into that later), so I decided I needed to get the hell outta dodge.  Scrolling through the classifieds looking for work, I saw an ad for a recording arts academy.  I didn’t even realize that was a thing.   It sounded cool, was grossly overpriced, and they would cut me a cheque for living expenses the next day.  Sold.

I moved into the basement suite in the house my sister lived in near Clark Park in Vancouver.  Total blind move in, with a dude from England who’s name I can’t recall.   I remember the first thing he said to me was, “Do you like Jungle?”.  Do I like the Jungle?  I thought to myself.  What the heck is this bloke talking about?  “Jungle.  Drum & Bass”, he continued in his thick Manchester accent.  That I understood, and I agreed that it was some pretty cool shit.  This was enough for us to cohabitate for the two months that made up our tenure before he moved back and I moved out.  It was a horrible little suite.  A steady diet of Kraft Dinner and cheap brandy (first and last time I drank that swill) only slightly numbed the pain, but it was my first time living in the big city, and with school starting soon, I was stoked….

I’m gonna hit pause right there and welcome you to DJ World.   The goal here is to provide a resource for DJs, industry professionals and music lovers to find new, cutting-edge music, DJ tips, modern production techniques, artist interviews and more.  I’ve been DJing professionally and steadily for over 15 years, and have the scars to prove it.   Along the way I’ve met some incredible talent and some interesting people.  Through this page I’d like to keep that ball rollin’, so feel free to send your music, links, your story or  just shout outs to the address below.  Anything that fits the page or is just plain dope will get it’s shine.  See you next week.   Peace!


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