Radio Silence

This time of year can be a real grind for a lot of us music professionals.  It’s great because in our profession we can deal without a lot of feast and famine situations financially, so being busy is good.  For a working DJ this isn’t something we experience in the month of December.  With Christmas party season already up in full swing for a lot of us, it doesn’t leave a whole lot left in the tank.  Burnout can be a real thing, and is something I will tackle in the future. I’ve been fortunate to be busy enough to experience it first-hand and also lucky to be involved with the Music BC Phoenix Program, which helps develop  business skills for people working in the music industry. On the first day of the program self-care and preventing burnout were addressed head-on. The reality is if you burn the candle at both ends for too long, it can come back and bite you resulting the inability to keep up the frenetic pace and resulting in having your body decide to shut things down before you do.  So, before I get off on a tangent on being mindful and finding balance and blah blah blah, I’m gonna be honest with you: I don’t have time to tackle it with the detailed ferocity I would like to, so I will plant the seed and come visit this very important subject in the future. My point?  It’s an important thing to be aware of, but to ensure my own sanity I am going to keep this entry fairly brief.

Here’s some new music from one of hip hop’s elder statesmen that I stumbled upon the other day, Talib Kweli.  Mr. Greene is a Brooklynn, New York native, activist and entertainer, known for his solo work and collaboration with another Brooklynn heavyweight, Mos Def in Black Star.  He has a deep catalogue of 8 solo albums and about as many other with various collaborators.  Intelligence runs deep in his family.  Both his mother and brother are professors and highly decorated in their fields (english, law).  Anybody that has marinated on his prose can attest to that, and his politically charged messages come from an informed place of activism in his personal life.  But, most importantly, the beats bang, and that’s what needs to come first if you want to get your point across.

Checking out his new project, ‘Radio Silence’,  I was also pleased to discover an incredible voice featured on the ‘Heads Up Eyes Open’, in that of Yummy Bingham.  Her vocal stylings drip with originality and power, sounding like the lost love child of Michel’le and Amy Winehouse.  I dig it.  And I think you will too.  Enjoy…. I’m gonna go take a nap before tonight’s show.

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