A New Hope

A New Hope


As mentioned in previous posts, a lot of hip hop purists today complain about the lack of depth and craftsmanship being displayed by contemporary artists.  Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, they just struggle to be heard through the litany of noise created by sub-par artistry backed by big marketing budgets. Every once and awhile and artist comes along that stands out from the pack.  For purists looking for lyricism that is both potent and precise, look no further than Joyner Lucas.  His latest project making the rounds is the thought-provoking song/video ‘I’m Not Racist’.  Tackling both sides of the ongoing race debate, exasperated by the results of last year’s election in the US.  His insightful take is a clever concept with depth, that tackles the viewpoint of a Trump supporter with an African-American. This video is a powerful piece of art that tackles a difficult subject, while displaying Joyner’s talent for writing, wordplay and delivery.

Born Gary Lucas, this 29 year-old Worcester, Massachusetts native, has been honing his craft for some time under earlier incarnations such as G-Storm, Future Joyner and as part of the group, Film Skool Rejekts.  Being from New England, it’s easy to assume Joyner has seen first-hand the toxic effects the opiate epidemic currently infecting North American and beyond. The statistics surrounding the problem in this corner of America are staggering, with overdose deaths doubling in New England County between 2004 and 2012.  In his ‘Gucci Gang’ remix, a response to the Lil Pump song, he takes on materialism, drug abuse and the lazy semantics of a lot of his contemporaries. Hit em like Rick Flair in a suplex / I ain’t  never scared, bitch I’m ruthless / Raised by the ghetto, know some gangs that’ll get em / Split em right down the middle like a fucking duplex /. I’m a sucker for a good wrestling simile, and Joyner hits harder to the head than a DDT.

Currently signed to Atlantic Records, the future is looking bright for Mr. Lucas.  His machine gun flow on Tech N9ne’s ‘Sriracha’ last year, is a beast of a performance that proves he can hold his own with a gifted, veteran lyricist, such as Tech.  He steals the show on this one.  Check his verse at 2:39 of this joint and peep game.


So, now you have retort next time somebody says hip hop today sucks.  Throw a little Joyner Lucas in their face.  I will keep digging for some more of that good stuff, so you don’t have to.  Hit me up here or at info@essentialent.ca, to let me know your thoughts or pitch me some ideas for future content.   Easy…. JT

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