House music has been a huge part of my life since that first big party back in the day. I honestly couldn’t tell ya where it was exactly.  Industrial park in Burnaby?  By the water in Richmond.  Who knows?!  I can tell you that musically, it was a life-changing event.  After that, I would venture from my suburban homestead and hit parties and club nights at various venues downtown and beyond, before I scraped up enough change and made the proverbial migration to the city.  It was a hype little scene and my work at a local production company eventually gave me a backstage pass.

It’s been a joyous trip watching dance music evolve from its underground roots to the various sound-du-jour incarnations that have hit popular culture in the past decade.  From Big Beat to Garage, Deep and Sexy House of the early 2000’s and then from Electro to Dubstep and beyond. Remember last decade, when Electro House was dominating the airwaves?  Farty bass lines and 127 BPM four-to-the-floor goodness not only proliferated through house music, but made their way into Hip Hop and Pop music.  Originators like the Jungle Brothers had hinted at what was to come in the nineties, but most people probably wouldn’t have predicted how big it would go, spawning the EDM frenzy that is still going strong.

Regardless, it’s nice to know that house music will always be here for me in it’s own special way.  It can’t go too far off the beaten path or it becomes something else.  The pulse of the kicks and hats synchronizing with the beat in your chest will never go out of style.

Starting things off, we have the pulsing, anthemic journey that is Housepital by Dajae & Riva Starr.  The classic house vocal and rolling groove will enter your body with surgical precision.  From there we’ve got one you may have heard in Cola by ‘Band Name of the Year Finalist’ Camelphat, and Elderbrook.  A great vocal makes this one stand out and there are plenty of solid remixes out there by the likes of Robin Schultz and Franky Rizardo (my personal pick).   Rounding out this 4-pack is Leandro Da Silva giving Queen B the chop treatment with some blistering horns, and chunky drums.  17 by MK has a great vocal and groove to begin with.  Add in a little remix love from one of my favourite producers, Tchami, and you have the recipe for a burner.  Mission Accomplished.


‘Housepital’ by Dajae & Riva Starr



‘Cola’ by Camelphat & Elderbrook

‘So Crazy’

Some familiar horns and the epic vocal chop to match.

’17’ (Tchami Remix) by MK

What can I say… Love Tchami.


Here’s the original


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