Jack and June: A Look Into The World of Jackin House

Today, let’s take a stroll through the funky little neighbourhood that is Jackin House.  Lying somewhere between traditional House and Disco House (at least for me), Jackin House is sample-based electronic music that borrows heavily from disco, r&b, jazz, funk and hip hop.  Similar to Funky House, this genre got it’s name as both an homage to a dance style developed in the late 80’s known as “Jackin”, as well as the sample-based nature of the production and writing using elements from the aforementioned genres in somewhat of a “jack-move”, a phrase sometimes used by producers when borrowing elements from other recordings (Freeze!  Gimme all your drum breaks!)

Bigger names within the genre come in the form of acts like Kinky Movement, Sonny Fodera, Mark Funk, and Peter Brown.  I’ve always been a fan of this sub-genre for its temporal applications.  This is the kind of mix you can put on when you’re hitting the beach, getting ready for a night out, or just getting the party started.  I like to think about it as Downtown on a Friday or Saturday night around midnight.  Right when things are properly lubricated and the party is popping off, but before things get sloppy and weird.  You know what I mean?

House music owes a massive debt to it’s predecessor, disco, and this sub-genre most definitely represents that in spades.  Recently (or not so recently depending who you ask), a good amount of producers have begun mining Hip Hop and R&B jams from the 90s and beyond, with fantastic booty shaking results.  Most of the time though, disco is in the bloodline on such recent cuts as Karl8 and Andrea Monta’s ‘Funky Moments’ and Peter Brown’s ‘Say It Again’.

You can hear both of those songs to start things off on a sweet little 45 minute mix I put together to go with this piece.  Take a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below, but more importantly…..Keep on dancing.

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