5 Fresh Christmas Songs You Might Not Have Heard

Sick of all the Christmas carols, yet? Tis the season to have your eardrums assaulted with everyone’s love/hate relationship with holiday music. Depending on your experience in life, this can trigger memories that leave some feeling warm and fuzzy and others anxious and cold. Eventually though, we all probably get pretty sick of it by the time December reaches it’s month-end crescendo.

After enjoying the sugary goodness of my annual egg nog poured generously out of the same Dairyland container I’ve been buying for years, I felt significantly enough in the Christmas spirit to compile this collection of seasonal songs that you may not have heard a million times before. Starting things off is this funky little festive joint from veterans Camp Lo.

Pro tip for all my producers out here: replace your hi-hats with sleigh bells and you’re half way to making an Xmas beat.

Camp Lo Star of the East

Masta Ace is one of my favourite rappers. Mr. Clear has been in my Top 5 for a decade and his influence can be heard in some of the biggest rappers of all-time. His ability to weave together clever couplets and complicated rhyme patterns into interesting storylines is matched by few.

Masta Ace Black Santa Clauz

As far as I know, Kaskade is the first mainstream EDM artist to put out a Christmas song. Might take a few years to catch on, but homeboy is probably gonna be opening fat royalty cheques every winter after getting on the genre’s ground floor of this revenue stream. If I was him I would get this to music supervisors everywhere and place it in a holiday comedy. Boom! Brand new yacht.

Kaskade – Jingle Bells

Not to be mistaken with the Ying Yang Twins’ holiday trap track “Ho Ho Ho” (I actually just found this one while searching for the latter), this is classic Yang Yang. I’m surprised by how many Christmas songs these cats actually have! This track will make you shake that booty till Santa puts you on the naughty list.

Ying Yang Twins Ho Ho

There is no denying the songwriting and vocal talent that SIA possesses. This track has a legitimate chance of actually becoming an all-time favourite. This one will only get more popular as time rolls on, a soon-to-be Christmas Classic.

SIA Santa’s Coming For Us

Here are a few honourable mentions you should get on the old holiday playlist if you don’t have them already. Have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season and thanks for reading. Please like, follow and subscribe here and on my other socials. More funky music picks coming your way next week. Stay tuned. Cheers. – JT

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Al Green ‘It Feels Like Christmas’

Gwen Stefani ‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’

Ying Yang Twins ‘Deck da Club’

Ying Yang Twins ‘Ho Ho Ho’

Run DMC ‘Christmas in Hollis’

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