Weekend Politics

Mad shouts to everyone that continues to follow along to what I’m doing here at DJWW. If you’re not already, I suggest you follow my on my other socials like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I post the links at the end of most of my content and it’s a good way of getting a better idea of my day to day and weekly activities.

I’ve tried to spin things a bit differently here and provide some in depth material that social media isn’t really designed to communicate per se, and if you’re new to this page then I encourage you to check some of my earlier material. However, from time to time it might be nice to shine some light into what the life of a working DJ entails. I mean, the meaning of “blog” comes from “web blog”, so we might as well log some more stuff on the web.

It’s already been a pretty busy week. Often during the summer months my only day off is usually. Tuesday. Lots of events are happening Friday to Sunday, so it’s best to get in while the gettin’s good. I feel lucky to be as busy as I am. A real hurdle for DJs trying to make it to a full-time professional level is just getting enough work, but if you put in the time and really want it, you will get there. If you get to this point you have no doubt acquired a solid skill-set and should be able to find the work. That’s the thing about about being good at anything, whether you’re a DJ, a mechanic or a graphic designer; if you have talent people will want to work with and you will be a busy human.

So, I sit here going through the record pools and putting together some crates/playlists for the various styles of music I will be playing this week. It’s Friday afternoon and it’s gonna be go time for the next 72 hours. And it’s already been a pretty solid week as it is, with 3 shows under my belt and a recording session at James Landau’s lab on Tuesday. We have something coming down the pipe that we’re pretty stoked about, but I will leave it at that for now. The proof is in the pudding.

It’s been a music filled week already with 5 shows to go between now and Monday. I will be cursing several different styles and genres this weekend starting tonight with and open format set at the World Famous Roxy in Vancouver. An institution on the Granville Strip, it is always a smash on the long weekend.

More to come this weekend. For now, I’ve got to get some pre show work done. Cheers. – JT

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