August Long Volume 1

Look at that mug! This is me in front of my residency at the Roxy in Vancouver. It’s always a barrel full of monkeys here, let me tell ya, but that is a novel for another day. Weekends are always the jam but when you factor in the long weekend then it tends to get a bit out of hand. Which is pretty dope. The lineup is around the corner and shit is getting real.

I rock an open format style here and play with a band. All the jams back and forth all night long and the crowds eat it up like hot cakes. Lots of retro and classics with some of the newer bangers thrown in for good measure. All over the map genre-wise. The whole shebang. It’s a really diverse crowd here that casts a pretty wide net, so it makes for a good party hub here in the entertainment district.

Gonna be holding court here all weekend with some day sets thrown in for good measure. You can also catch me at the Park Lounge in English Bay right at the base of where the big party is going down on Sunday. My homie Johnny Omega will be joining me throwing down on the patio with DJ Chainwax hitting the decks after while I go meditate under a palm tree and prepare for another late one Sunday night. Gonna be a burner mang.

Back up for my next set in 10 minutes. This weekend is shaping up to be a thick one.

It’s been a good, sweaty one tonight. I’m gonna sign off for now and pick this bad boy up tomorrow after a good recharge. Peace ✌️

#respectthedj #dj #djlife #yvr

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