August Long Volume 2

Had a sweet little recharge today before things start to get crazy later this evening. Living on the North Shore provides a nice little sanctuary from more hectic locales around the 604. I spend a lot of time by the ocean, partly for the chill vibes and also due to its proximity to two of my favorite b-ball courts in West Van.

It’s nice to meet up with some homies and get some reps in before a long show stretch. Basketball is no joke of a workout if you’re playing it right. Today was no exception 😅

I really honed my diet the past few months here, adhering to a lot of the principles that David Asprey outlines in his book the Bulletproof Diet. I’m going to go in depth into this in the coming months, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime here is a fun little picture of my breakfast. DJ Fuel!

Now back on the computer to prep for the Roxy tonight and then the Park in English Bay tomorrow. Couldn’t ask for better weather. It’s a beauty and fixing to be an epic long weekend.

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