August Long Volume 3


My annual show at the Park went down pretty smooth. Having done this for a few years in a row, I’ve learned a thing or two about the vibe and making the hectic drive in a bit less dicey. There are major road closures due to the Parade and related festivities, so it can be a challenge coming from West Vancouver, but experience made the voyage relatively painless.

Dallas at the Park was a gem, as per usual, making sure there was a spot for my whip upon arrival, before the crowd ate up a healthy dose of funk, disco, house and reggae. Mad shouts to Johnny Omega who held things down in the second room. You can check his weekly mixes on KISS FM in Vancity on the weekends or peep the link on his website here


Before my next set later tonight, I have found myself at famed Vancity BBQ spot, Memphis Blues. It’s been years since I feasted here. The half rack got me adequately stuffed with some tasty slaw, beans and corn bread to complete the experience.

I have the itis now.

This is okay. Breathe.

This is your life now.

Embrace the itis. 


It’s gonna be a long night folks. I’m gonna peace out here before I start to bore you slash incriminate myself. Stay tuned for my Strobe Light feature later this week highlighting some of my favorite tracks from the weekend. And don’t forget to make the links on my YouTube Channel and other socials. Links below.

Easy – JT

Insta/Twitter @mrjtjames

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