Summer Sounds

Contrary to what I’ve heard around the block, the summer is not over yet peeps.  Do these people know the first day of fall is still a month away? Get that nonsense outta here!  Now, I might be a bit biased because I’ve finally found some breathing room between now and a solid run of shows at the end of the month and into September.   Time to recharge the batteries and rinse the brain before hitting the ground running again. 

Before we get into some house beats, let’s ponder for a second the biggest song of the year. Who would’ve thought that a song like Old Town Road would’ve inhabited the number one slot on the Billboard Hot 100 for almost six months? It says a lot about the power of being unique, and with the homogenous nature of a lot of pop music these days, set it up to stand out from the crowd.  Branding 101. People ate it up.  And now it’s the champ overtaking Mariah, Boys II Men and Despacito for most weeks at number one.  


It’s the song of the summer, whether you like it or not.  Crazy.

But enough of that shit. 

How about some other cuts that we haven’t all heard a million times?  Homeboy definitely doesn’t need the promo, so let’s shine the light on some lesser known gems that have recently entered the atmosphere.

Now, if you’re a fan of Future House you will have no doubt heard of Tchami.   Some of my favourite dance music comes from France (Daft Punk, Cassius, David Guetta anyone?), and Martin Bresso aka Tchami, has been carrying on that tradition for a minute, rising to the forefront of the genre and breaking ground on the way.   His latest is a dreamy little burner that will breathe life into any dancefloor.  Just in the nick of time. Our lungs to the south could use as much help as they can get.

Rainforest by Tchami 

Ok, here’s the deal. If you mix one part disco, one part Busta Rhymes, and throw in some drums that knock, I’m probably gonna like it.  Here DJ World favorites Block and Crown do some serious business behind the boards and the results are a heart-pounding, peak-time anthem.   I’m only mad I didn’t think of chopping that ‘Woo-ha!’ vocal up in this way first.   Might be time to hit the shop for a dig.

Rock the Discotec by Block and Crown

Next up is a fantastic groove by Crusy and KPD. ‘Wrong Time’ suffers from a bad case of involuntary movement of the gluteus maximum combined with a cool case of the
“holyfucks!”. I like it. Drink a Red Bull right before this one.

Wrong Time by Crusy and KPD

I saved this spooky little Mark Anzalone number for last. I didn’t want to scare some of you pussies away, at first. Some of y’all will love and I’m sure some of ya’ll will hate. It’s one of those. Between the trippy tribal percussion and the hypnotic vocals, this thing is sprinkling some black magic all over the spot. Gotta time this bad boy right. This is some of that medium sized after hours, you heard about from a friend of your friend, made some questionable decisions about an hour ago, back alley entrance, 4 am shit.

Memories by Mark Anzalone

Before I put this thing to bed, I wanted to give Feedspot a shout out for naming DJ WORLD WEST one of the ten best DJ blogs in the web.  It feels like we’re moving in the right direction, so it’s nice to get some props every once and awhile.  Regardless of any potential accolades; I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. The beast has been freed and there is no putting him back in the cage. Trust me.

I’m just getting started.

See you in September.

JT James is a DJ, producer and writer based out of Vancouver, Canada.   A veteran of the DJ and recording worlds. he has produced several projects in the genres of hip hop and electronic music under various aliases such as James Divine, Track Nicholson and Sandy Villanova.  






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