Summerset: Part Deux

The Washboard Union cleans up on Sunday night.

Saturday provided an eclectic evening of music that rolled down the Fraser River till well after dark. The picturesque backdrop of Fort Langley’s wooden walls, the birthplace of B.C., made for a the perfect venue to represent some of the area’s best and brightest, with JP Maurice and The Matinee setting the tone with equally impressive sets.

It’s not the first time I’ve played with either of these acts, and I can tell you, they keep getting better. Hearing a song on the radio or streaming on your device is one thing, but for bands like these, hearing them live gives you a real sense of how great they are as individual musicians, and as a whole.

With Canadian icons Kim Mitchell and April Wine capping off the night, the crowd was seasoned, so I sprinkled my mix with a ratatouille of retro rock drum edits and kept the place simmering in between the live acts.

It was a great night and today fixed to be even better, with a good dose of sun and heat and some Sunday country vibes to cap things off featuring The Washboard Union’s highly anticipated evening set.

Giddy up.


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