Biohack Your Workday

This article has some great insights into achieving a better work life balance. Not by working more, but by working less and recovering more effectively. It’s when we are not sitting in front of our computers when the mind is free to wander and great ideas materialize.

As it relates to music, the author speaks about entering a state of flow and deep work by listening to the same song on repeat to get things going.  Something I can personally attest to when I find a good song that hits me in the sweet spot.

Another good article I found on Medium talked about the concept of the pomodoro as a time mangament tool designed to get things done.  Basically you block out your work into 25 minute, uninterrupted chunks.  Then you take a 5 minute break.  Repeating this a few times before taking an extended break.

I just started doing that myself and it has helped me check off more things off the proverbial never-ending checklist.   Breaking down large tasks into much more manageable units is a great way to get things done.   It feels real nice crossing things off that list on the regular.  Check it out!

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