Enter The Wulvun

Taylor Mclean aka James Landau and I have been cooking up music together for almost a decade. We were first introduced from a musician friend who worked at the same venue as me. He talked him up pretty good, and I took it with a grain of salt because sometimes one person’s definition of “really good” can vary from another’s.

Somehow, I ended up with some of his beats in my inbox and was more than pleasantly surprised with his ear and abilities.  Shades of Dilla and Madlib smoked off his sample-based compositions and well, long story short, we’ve been friends ever since. 

Our love of hip hop and evolving tastes through the years have been a great source of inspiration and knowledge – it’s always nice to bounce ideas off someone who knows exactly what you’re talking about.  We’ve done our fair share of recording some of these inspirations that one day might see the light of day, but we put a pin on it when Taylor began delving into the world of house and electronic music.  

I have a long held a passion for this corner of the music world.  Before there was the term EDM and before computers and CD-J’s became the weapons of choice. The pillars of the dance community known as PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) were something that drew me to it.  That and the fact that the music blew my mind.   

It really can be a beautiful thing.

Last summer, we ended up jamming on some ideas and inadvertently started our first foray together into dance music. While I’ve produced and released a few singles in this pocket through the years (Track Nicholson, Sandy Villanova), this was our first collaboration down this path.   

We’ve spent the last year calibrating our style and putting the final touches on some great songs that capture the essence of house music and what we love about it.   We’re happy to announce the release of our first single ‘Far Away’ available now on all major platforms.  

We are Wulvun. 


Wulvun is a Canadian production and DJ duo comprised of Jamie Thirsk and Taylor McLean known for their disco-drenched, funky and classic house sounds as featured on their debut single ‘Far Away’.


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