Back To Life

A couple weeks ago I played my first gig in over 18 months. Moving into film work for the past year or so, I had almost forgotten the joy that I got from mixing. While the circumstances due to the current limitations on indoor events in Vancouver, BC were not the greatest, it was still a blast to get back on the decks.

Currently, we are still living in a real life Footloose scenario where dancing is still prohibited, but with most venues given the green light for operations the ability to entertain is still there. Dance floors have been filled with tables, but there are plenty of people showing up with smiles on their faces.

Today the government has finally removed capacity limits for businesses while still mandating masks indoors and holding onto the no dancing regulation (with mixed compliance from revellers). I anticipate this will be lifted in the next months as the powers that be slowly move us towards normalcy.

The light at the end of tunnel is here and performers and appreciators alike are relishing having our lives back. It’s been a long time coming.

– JT


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