freaky tales

Taking a break from the usual, played-out situation within the event industry, I will be taking some time to take a trip down memory lane. Working as a DJ for the past several decades has given me a wealth of experiences. Some good, some bad and some most definitely ugly. Before they fade into the abyss of my cobbled memory it seems like a good idea to put some pen to paper as a reference for my future memoir project that nobody wants to read.

Over the next month you can expect some stories spanning some career highlights, celebrity encounters and nightmarish gigs. For example, how the heck did I even find myself playing music for a living? How does one do that? Can you make any money doing this (yes, you can!)? Is this a viable path full of longevity and job security (oh, hell no!)?

From origin stories, escaping mob sit-downs,and lipping off famous drummers to intimate encounters in museums and tripping hard while scaling lighting rigs at raves, we’ve got a little bit of everything.

Let’s go!

JT James is a DJ, producer and writer based out of Vancouver, Canada.   A veteran of the DJ and recording worlds. he has produced several projects in the genres of hip hop and electronic music under various aliases such as James Divine, Track Nicholson and Sandy Villanova.  When he’s not on the decks, in the studio or staring into a blank word document you can catch him at the beach, hiking through the forest or telling people how much yoga can change their life.  








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