8 Years

As this year’s New Year’s Eve festivities ended and I changed out of my fancy sweat pants and made the long commute from party headquarters in my living room to bed, I didn’t even think of the coming significance of the next day. For many the new year is a time of renewal, but for me it usually means a little bit more.

Only this year I totally forgot.

You see, 8 years ago on New Year’s Eve was the last time I drank alcohol. I knew it was going to be the last, or at least I hoped at the time, so I went in pretty hard and now count January 2nd as my “second birthday”.

I find it a good sign that this day came and went without me thinking about it. It’s a testament to the fact that once you get a chunk of time behind you, booze becomes something you think less and less about.

I don’t have any wise words at this moment to give you if you’re looking to get off the sauce other than that you can do it. However, most likely you are going to have to get some help to get there and I strongly encourage you do that through your local recovery community. There is strength in numbers and your key to sobriety is connection.

In the past, I’ve talked at length about my story and suggestions for getting your head straight, so if you’re infested you can check them out here.

Connection: Your Key To Recovery

5 Years and 5 Suggestions for Battling Booze


JT James is a DJ, producer and writer based out of Vancouver, Canada.   A veteran of the DJ and recording worlds. he has produced several projects in the genres of hip hop and electronic music under various aliases such as James Divine, Track Nicholson and Sandy Villanova.  When he’s not on the decks, in the studio or staring into a blank word document you can catch him at the beach, hiking through the forest or telling people how much yoga can change their life.  

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