Back in Effect

The past few weeks of work have incredible. I haven’t felt this stoked DJing in almost a decade. The positive energy and enthusiasm from party goers has been fantastic. With most major restrictions lifted, dance floors were opened after almost two years of their relegation to an illegal activity. It’s crazy how much everyone has […]

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So Much For That

Well, so much for regaling you with some hilarious past experiences from my life in the DJ world. Trust me, I wrote them out. It was a good exercise and definitely helped jog my memory and put these gems to paper. But, here’s the thing…. I can’t print this stuff. lol. Feels like I should […]

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Not a Test

Here’s a little jam a came across on my Instagram scroll. More and more this is a place where I find some really cool music. Not so much on FB, which I spend less and less time on these days, but more so on the aforementioned platform and Tik Tok. These are vital channels for […]

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Logic Love

Having a little more spare time than I’m used to, I was lucky to find some inspiration as of late working with a couple talented songwriters/producers. It was yet another reminder of how important collaboration is in the creative process. I spent a lot of hours delving deep into my DAW of choice, Logic. I’ve […]

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Not a test

Endlessly scrolling an Instagram feed occasionally has it’s benefits. Such is this case with this little jam that I found through a comment rabbit hole on a relatively well known DJ’s page. I can’t recall who the heck that was, but I do remember the comment on their post thanking them for their support. I […]

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8 Years

As this year’s New Year’s Eve festivities ended and I changed out of my fancy sweat pants and made the long commute from party headquarters in my living room to bed, I didn’t even think of the coming significance of the next day. For many the new year is a time of renewal, but for […]

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freaky tales

Taking a break from the usual, played-out situation within the event industry, I will be taking some time to take a trip down memory lane. Working as a DJ for the past several decades has given me a wealth of experiences. Some good, some bad and some most definitely ugly. Before they fade into the […]

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February Tales

Gonna have to level with you, I’ve grown weary of all this 2020,2021-related crap. See, I didn’t even want to write pandemic or c… Dammit! I did it anyways. Sick of the lockdowns, sick of the mandates, sick of peoples vaccination statuses (fun fact: I don’t give a shit either way), sick of news conferences, […]

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Well, here we go again. Yes, it’s our annual round up of our favourite Alternative songs, but we find ourselves back in a lockdown with dozens of cancelled gigs pondering the meaning of life. This is all getting a bit exhausting. As if this whole pandemic and associated BS wasn’t enough, this year our corner […]

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Get Busy

December is shaping up to its old ways this year. Five shows this week and six next week making my Christmas break non existent. It’s kind of par for the course when you’re a working DJ. It least hopefully it is. Busy is good and you gotta make hay while the sun shines. The year […]

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