Well, here we go again. Yes, it’s our annual round up of our favourite Alternative songs, but we find ourselves back in a lockdown with dozens of cancelled gigs pondering the meaning of life. This is all getting a bit exhausting. As if this whole pandemic and associated BS wasn’t enough, this year our corner […]

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Get Busy

December is shaping up to its old ways this year. Five shows this week and six next week making my Christmas break non existent. It’s kind of par for the course when you’re a working DJ. It least hopefully it is. Busy is good and you gotta make hay while the sun shines. The year […]

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Back To Life

A couple weeks ago I played my first gig in over 18 months. Moving into film work for the past year or so, I had almost forgotten the joy that I got from mixing. While the circumstances due to the current limitations on indoor events in Vancouver, BC were not the greatest, it was still […]

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Behold The HRSMN

In the world of music, band members doing solo projects or side projects is nothing new. The fact that some groups stay together for any significant length of time is impressive when considering the amount of ego and artistic differences that can emerge in such coalitions. As a creative, eventually you will reach a point […]

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Something About That Vibe

Good producers can capture a vibe and an essence that fits perfectly to a particular artist.  This can be said of all genres and is especially true when it comes to hip hop.  There is something magical that occurs when a beat maker goes digging and finds the perfect elements to chop and program and fit everything […]

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Joe Pound’s Bass House Top 5

I first met Joe Pound when we worked at the same nightclub in Vancouver over ten years ago.  We immediately bonded over our similar backgrounds, diverse tastes and mutual appreciation for hip hop and electronic music. Most DJs have an eclectic taste in music, or at least they should, and ours matched up on so many […]

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Connection: Your Key To Recovery

Right now, probably more than ever, we are acutely aware of the human need for social capital and connection. The amount we currently have in our lives might be a good indicator for how well each and every one of us is dealing with our current state of affairs. Never in the course of our […]

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Peace Out 2019

With 2019 about to enter the record books, I sit here reflecting on what a glorious year it was. Well, not really glorious, but it was good enough and definitely not as bad as some previous annual stretches I’ve had to endure. In the midst of putting together the last big event of the year, […]

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