Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman


Must’ve been the Stones Throw Insta-feed that blipped Angel Del Villar, aka Homeboy Sandman onto my radar, once again. It was a name that I recognized but hadn’t put the time into digging too deep.  I guess it was the unconventional nature of seeing an underground hip hop music video being shot underwater that elicited a captive response amongst the other online eye candy.  I already knew he was an underground East Coast MC, but it was his latest against the grain beat choices and projects that made me take a closer look.  This led to a quick follow and I’ve been happy with my decision ever since.

You will be too.

A deeper dive into Angel’s music reveals an extensive library spanning over a decade’s worth of work on various singles. EP’s and full-length projects.  Homeboy has been busy. The Elmhurst, Queens MC dropped onto the scene with his 2007 EP ‘Nourishment’ and has been putting in work ever since (and probably long before).  After his debut release and a reputation for strong live performances, the New York Press awarded him Best MC honors in 2008.  Since the release that year of the critically-acclaimed ‘Actual Factual Pterodactyl’, Sandman has released or been featured on no less than 15 recordings. It makes you wonder if his name was derived from the fact that he has no time to sleep due to a steady diet of studio time, writing and performances.

Wading through this prolific body of work is a worthwhile endeavor for any beat-based music lover.  I mean, I’m not even halfway there and am continually impressed by the eclectic mix of beats and solid wordplay.  With so much material to go through here, I did some digging and put them into a playlist to get a thorough appreciation during my next workout.  It seems to be one of the best times for me to explore some new music. Multitasking’s ineffectiveness has been scientifically proven, but I think this is one case where, for a DJ, this does not apply.

Starting things off with the funky, piano-drenched boom bap of the Oddisee produced ‘Whatchu Want From Me?’ from the 2012 album ‘First of a Living Breed’. I’ve had this one on repeat for the past few days.  It harkens back to the sample-heavy, cut-heavy golden days and Homeboy really shines reminiscent (at least for me) of another under-appreciated underground artist One Be Lo.


Gotta let you peep this trippy video for ‘The Gut’ with Edan.   I mean, it’s frickin’ under water already!  Nuff said.



Great vibe on this last joint, ‘Not Really’.  Peep game.

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