What’s Good? November 2018

Now that the Fall hiatus is over, we can start dishing out some slick new joints for your listening pleasure.  Lately, I’ve been discovering the long lost art of the album by giving them a thorough listen during my visits to the gym or out on the trail.  It’s a great way to multitask and saves me from putting together yet another playlist in addition to the ongoing curation involved with my performances, business and key clients.  

The beauty of the modern music services such as Spotify and Apple Music is that I can listen to a different album at each of my workouts throughout the week. To buy all these would cost me over a hundred dollars over a month.  It’s a great way to discover a new artist and if I like it I can go pay for a download and give the artist a little more support. I need to own most of my music for performance applications, so I still buy A LOT of music.  I think things are starting to finally look better for artists and the industry, in general.  I guess I’m an optimist, but the subscription and streaming model is a viable new revenue stream that is beginning to show real promise.  Just don’t get bent over when you sign your deal.  Or better yet, start your own label and start working those DIY muscles.  You don’t need the big guys nearly as much as you used to, but the good ones will definitely help you get heard above the overwhelming amount of musical content available today.

So after some digging through the record pool, online retailers and browsing through various social media channels, I came up with a collection of Hip Hop joints I think are worth a listen.  First up being a solid new project from Korduroy Floyd and The Stunt Man. 

Kordoroy Floyd & The Stunt Man – Little Trees

96 EP is a head nodding trip back to the good old days that will appeal to boom bap purists and heads alike.  Korduroy’s laid back flow is the yin to The Stunt Man’s yang on the boards, displayed in smoked out fashion on their love letter to the sweet leaf ‘Little Trees’. This track features a funky remix from local DJ phenom Nick Bike. The 96 EP is currently streaming on all platforms and available for download.  Peep game. 


Jay Rock – ES Tales

Unfamiliar with Jay Rock’s work, I decided to give it knock while I shovelled myself up the trail to Whyte Lake.  I had no idea about his background but after a couple tracks I began to get a real feel for things.  At first I sensed notes of EPMD, you know the album about “Business”.  But it didn’t feel East Coast enough.  A couple tracks later I thought, hell, “this sounds like it could be Compton”.  I was close.  Hailing from Watts, California Jay Rock has been making records on a major scale for over a decade.  This one here is ‘ES Tales’ from his recently released album REDEMPTION.

Tyga – Taste

 I guess in the spirit of fair and balanced reporting I will end things off this week with some jiggy shit for all my knuckleheads (including myself).  While I was not a fan of Tyga when he broke on the scene with ‘Rack City’, his ability to stick around the game has garnered my respect. The sexy vocal chop on the beat is what sucked me into this one.  The video seems to be a solid reflection of that.. jyeah.  


Belly feat. French Montana – Dust

Capping things off this week is a bangin new joint from fellow Canadian, Belly.  Sporting a new lean look and sounding fresh AF, this is the first I’ve heard from his latest album ‘IMMIGRANT’.  After hearing this, I’m looking forward to checkin out the rest of this LP.  So far, so good.


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