The Block

I gotta level with ya. I’ve got a bunch of half-written stuff in the can here but am having trouble pulling the trigger and finishing them off. Some are pretty long and took a bit of research while others are good chunks of stuff I haven’t yet got the guts to release. It’s been a bit of slog of late maintaining a consistent schedule, but if memory serves me correctly, after the rain stops the flowers grow. The well of inspiration can occasionally seem bottomless while at other times desert dry.

Lately it’s been Death Valley.

There’s something about the dwindling daylight of the fall punctuated by daylight savings that can smear you with a bit of a malaise that can sometimes last the whole month. The whole long shitty month of November. And let’s not make any bones about it.

November is the shittiest month of them all.

At least February is short and has Valentine’s Day as well as the highest divorce rate, which makes for a fun little paradox. No offence if you were born on this month. Chances are you may have been conceived on Valentines Day, so at least you have that going for you.

See, another reason the second worst month of them all, February (save your letters – you know I’m right) is giving you a once over. February got laid. November paid the price. It’s all good though. There’s still hope.

November 13 is National Kindness Day, so that’s kind of nice, and a few weeks from then on the 29th is the National Day of Listeninghich is probably a feminist conspiracy, but I’m cool with playing along.

If all of this sounds like a load of shit to you. Maybe it is. Or maybe you forgot the significance of November 19th.

It’s National Toilet Day.

Stay tuned for part two…