Well, That Escalated Quickly

Let’s be honest, though. It didn’t.

We had some pretty clear indications here in North America well in advance of the current lockdown we are all experiencing which I like to refer to as House Arrest Lite.

The data points were everywhere over the past few months from conversations with smart industry peeps who were cancelling tours over a month ago to footage from a locked down China. Devastation in Italy. I heard the satellite shows coming out of NYC. I somehow feel a bit lucky, actually.

I prepared.

Wish I would’ve prepared way more, though!

Yesterday, I was laid off.

This hits everyone hard. The immediate implications to our personal health and our fear for our loved ones. For the event community consisting of DJs, musicians, sound engineers, lighting techs, promoters, venue staff, and the like, it’s gonna hit extra hard. The financial implications could be devastating.

We’re lucky enough to do something we love for a living. The rub is that we probably save a hell of a lot less. This next while is gonna be, no doubt, difficult for a lot of people I care about.

That includes, myself.

Of course, this rings true for many industries and I can’t speak for ones outside of my experience, but I know the event industry. I’ve performed, produced or tech’d on over 3000 events through the last couple decades.

Most of my friends work in this arena and we all know this is gonna hurt.

I refuse to keep looking on the dark side, though. Keeping things as bright as I can over here. There’s gonna be some silver linings. I really believe that and I just wanted to send to love out to all my DJ, music, tech and hospitality peeps. To everyone around the world, cause we’re all in this together now.

This is our opportunity to connect. Connect in a deeper way than we had before. So, check in on your friends and family often and rediscover the art of the phone call. Embrace #caremongering and let’s try not to keep broadcasting the negative. And don’t forget….

I got your back.


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