Cold November Rain

Been a minute.

I’m working on a couple pieces that need some time to marinate before we fire up the stove, again. It’s been a crazy month and things are starting to look less than ideal as the nights get colder and longer in the 604. So, I figured it was time to send up a signal flare to let the people know we’re still here and everything is copacetic.

After boasting some of the lowest transmission rates in North America for most of the year, things have taken a bit of a turn over the past month in Vancouver with daily infection records being made every week. With almost 2000 cases reported in the last few days the likelihood of another lockdown seems imminent.

This trend seems to be a echoing all over the world right now. The dreaded second and third wave of the pandemic seem to be living up their hype as being more destructive than the first.

Batten down the hatches.

For now, I’ll be here grateful for a roof over my head and a full stomach. More to come….


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